Small Hole Pro.

We can provide processing equipment and processing technology for difficult-to-process materials, micro-holes, narrow cracks and grooves without remelting layer under complex positions and poses.



Processing cases

  • Collision hole in titanium alloy
    Ф0.25mm D5mm

  • Blade of aviation engine
    Φ0.25mm Φ0.28mm

  • Zirconium boride deep hole machining
    Φ0.8±0.05mm D20mm

  • Microhole processing of melt-blown cloth nozzle
    Ф0.2mm D3mm

  • Square ring sample

  • Superalloy nozzle

  • Automobile engine nozzle

  • Space engine restrictor plate and ejector
    Ф0.07mm D1mm

  • Space collar cross

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8 Advantages

  1. 1 Self-developed CNC EDM System based on Windows for easy processing programming
  2. 2. Multi-axes for processing of parts with complex space
  3. 3. Self-adaptive discharging ensure processing reliability
  4. 4. Penetration identification, 100% penetration of tiny holes
  5. 5. Laminated bus main loop, greatly reduce parasitic inductance
  6. 6. Terminal enhancing module, greatly improve efficiency
  7. 7. 485 bus interface, easy for smart factory and function expansion
  8. 8. Precision micro feeding ensure stable and reliable processing

Brand Introduction

  • AREDM® is committed to research and development, production and sales of high-end EDM machine tools, and is determined to become an advanced precision CNC machine tool brand for 100 years.
    We cooperate with the professional intelligent equipment manufacturing R & D team of universities, and have a first-class electrical processing technical team, and the technical strength of micro-hole processing has reached the international advanced level. Good at drilling holes for difficult-to-cut materials, including precision machining of small holes, micro holes, shaped holes, inverted cone holes, narrow cracks, fine grooves and so on. Team self-developed windows platform six-axis precision EDM numerical control system; With strong intelligent equipment manufacturing strength and rich experience. The core members of the team have participated in and presided over several national major scientific and technological research projects in the field of electrical processing, published a number of academic papers, won a number of scientific and technological awards, and have a number of invention patents.

    Products have four advantages: more precise, faster, more accurate, more stable. Precision machining aperture range 0.1-3mm, group hole programming fast processing, multi-axis linkage accurate positioning, long-term processing stability.

    We can provide customers with unique product value in the three aspects of capacity improvement, cost reduction and maintenance. Advanced performance and good stability, support customers large-scale high-precision drilling needs, help increase production capacity. Our machine tools, the ownership cost is lower, the delivery is faster, the technical support is more timely, and the operating cost is saved. We master the closed-loop core technology of electrical machining, independent and controllable without potential supply risk of imported machine tools, and ensure upgrade and maintenance.
    Rich product series, high, middle and low multi-grade can meet the different needs of customers, including three axis, four axis, five axis, six axis and other types of EDM holes, EDM micro holes, EDM plus ultrasonic compound drilling machine.