About Us

About Us

First-class research on electrical machining

We have an advanced manufacturing technology and equipment intelligent research team, focusing on special processing equipment and process technology intelligent research. The research team consists of 3 professors, 2 associate professors, 2 lecturers, and more than 10 postgraduate students, including 1 special stickers expert of The State Council and 2 new stars of Science and Technology of Beijing. In recent years, team members have presided over and participated in more than 30 projects, among which, more than 10 national projects, more than 10 provincial projects; He has published more than 160 academic papers. More than 30 invention patents and 18 software Copyrights were authorized. He has won the second prize of Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award, the third prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of National Teaching achievements, the special prize and first prize of Beijing Teaching Achievements. The team mastered the key core technology of precision micro-hole EDM equipment, The development of Windows operating system based six-axis linkage EDM micro-hole numerical control system, precision micro-EDM pulse power supply, precision micro-hole EDM machine tool, precision small EDM machine tool can meet the aerospace, aerospace, automotive, energy fields of all kinds of micro-hole processing requirements.

Specialized mature products

AD40 series NC EDM micro-hole machine tool is our mature technology platform based on the upgrade and improvement, the new launch of a high-end perforating machine template products. It can process small holes, narrow seams and grooves in complex positions and shapes on a variety of superhard metal materials. Effectively improve the processing efficiency and precision; It can meet the micro-hole processing requirements of various materials faster and better. Mainly used in aerospace, automotive nozzle, mold, tool and other industries. The technical level has reached the international advanced level; And can be customized development and upgrade according to user needs.

Autonomous numerical control system

Numerical control system of multi-axis precision NC EDM platform based on windows platform, with multi-layer discharge control power supply, discharge loop efficiency is high, discharge parameters are diverse, can meet the needs of diversified EDM. Related equipment adopts modular design, easy to upgrade and expand, high degree of intelligence, long-term processing level stability, fast efficiency, strong ability, high precision, no remelting layer, the technical level has reached the international advanced level.

Full closed-loop equipment development

Experienced professional electrical processing team, not only proficient in the development, production, debugging, operation of electrical processing equipment platform, but also accumulated a large number of processing methods and technology reserves, can provide customers with a full range of powerful technical support.